I No Longer Have Pain

“I finally saw a physiatrist. He had me use a ComforTrac device at his office that stretched my neck. Then he prescribed one for me to use at home. It actually worked. It pulls the vertebrae in the neck slightly and releases the trapped nerve that is causing the pain. I no longer have pain in my […]

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It Worked Great

“I had numbness and tingling in my hands and it turned out to be a herniated disc in my neck. I went to a physiatrist (sometimes listed under pain specialist or sports medicine). He gave me a round of prednisone and had me come in for neck traction on a ComforTrac traction machine. Then he prescribed a ComforTrac […]

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Best One to Buy

“After speaking with hospital where I had my therapy they said this machine was the best one to buy. It is close to the machine I used in the hospital and I feel that I got the same results but not nearly as expensive as the therapy cost…and can use it at my convenience. I […]

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The Traction Device Has Been a God-Send

“Since using the traction every night, I had great relief in my upper back, shoulder and neck. I had pain all the way to the top of my head and a large lump on the left side of my neck.  I now have greater mobility in my neck and shoulder: much better posture. I can […]

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Pain is Gone

“I got my at home traction unit today, I was so thrilled to get it.  Insurance paid for it with a Doctor’s written order. As of right now the “severe” pain is gone.  I have finished the steroid pak and start the Celebrex tomorrow…I am going to try to do tomorrow without the pain med!!!  Please keep […]

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